Are You Ready to Live the Life You Desire?

Hi! , My name is Victoria Bond.

I believe we can create our own lifestyles of happiness, health and abundance!

I am a Holistic Practitioner, Life Coach and the creator of the Release Your Blocks 12 Week Program.

I have a passion to help others and Halo Healing and the Release Your Blocks Program is just how I’m doing that.

I work with people from all walks of life to help them make positive changes and achieve direction in their lives.

As a people person, I get so much pleasure from helping others take the next step forward.

Are you excited for change? I have created the Release Your Blocks 12 Week Program – it is the ultimate personal development program suited for practitioners and anyone ready to up-level in their lives.

Are you ready to let go of the things holding you back from living the life you desire?

Its simple, if you want something and its not happening for you… You have a BLOCK.

Blocks don’t serve you and the sooner you learn to let them go, the sooner you will be on your way to the life you desire.

Some of the topics covered in the program include – 

  • Lifetime tools to create balance within your body, mind, soul.
  • Get an understanding about what Energy is and how to use it to benefit you.
  • Learn life coaching models to really dig deep into where you want to go in this life and beyond.
  • ​What entities are and how to do ‘entity clearing’. 
  • ​How you perceive (enhancing your intuition).
  • ​What to do when you get triggered.
  • ​Drop the old beliefs and tap into your own knowing.
  • ​How to really tap into the law of attraction by asking Questions and Shifting Energy. 
  • ​How to create a business with your genius (marketing, conscious business).

If you are ready to SHOW up no matter what and desire to create change for yourself and the world around you then this is the program for you.

Think of the key decisions and actions you have made in your life. Those times you took the leap, stepped outside of your comfort zone, took a risk, followed your heart, chased the butterflies and everything changed.

Learn to follow that energy and make it your driving force, first pushing over and breaking through those block walls and when they no longer exist… The universe is yours.

The portal is modules packed full of training videos, mind movies, activation and easy to work through print off workbooks.
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If this resonated with you then I have 3 more Myth Buster Videos in the mini-series I created, Age, Health and Money!

Magic begins when you perceive what is possible. Take that first step and contact me today.

All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.