Access Bars Workshops & Bar Sessions

Access Bars is a gentle hands-on technique that helps to release anything from this lifetime or (any other ) that no longer serves you.

There are 32 points that are touched during the session. Body, money, sexuality, healing, time, control and creativity just to name a few.

The session takes usually just over an hour depending on the individual.

The client will determine what they release and the practitioner simply holds the space for the session.

Access Consciousness is not a religion or even a modality; it is simply tools and processes to create more awareness and consciousness.

Access Consciousness Bars practitioner workshop – $390  (Repeaters half price)

Access Bars session- $250 (up to 1.5 hours)

Who should get their Bars run?

Anyone wanting change in their life or to experience more joy and happiness!

What can having your Bars run help with?

Basically, anything that the client is willing to change or become aware of.

*Depression *Anxiety *Body *Healing *Monet issues *Relationships *Releasing past trauma *creating more joy * Releasing control *menopause *abundance *addictions *Pain *ADHD *Bed wetting *Insomnia *life direction  *enhancing relationships *creating more connection with loved ones  AND MUCH MORE

This is the short list!

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P.S If you think you would like to become an Access Consciousness practitioner or Facilitator I would love to help you out. Check out my latest special offer. If you are a creator and choosing more, this opportunity could be just what you’re looking for!

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