What is Guided Healing?

Guided healing. I love it. It’s one of the tools people are slightly unsure of though. Today I’m going to clear up the mystery about what guided healing is, and whom it can benefit. What is Guided Healing? Guided healing is completely focused on you. It takes into consideration who you are, where you are …

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bottling up emotions

Bottling Up Emotions

What is emotion bottling all about? It can come in many forms, and today I am going to be really vulnerable and tell you mine! I RUN! Yup I’m a runner, every time life I get itchy feet or there is a slight feeling of confrontation, I start planning on where I am going to …

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My name is Victoria Bond Every day is an exciting opportunity for me to create and bring purpose to my life and help others to be empowered. I know that there is magic in the world and I am always asking how I can contribute.  My life looked very different 3 years ago when I …

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Manifesting 101

VICTORIA’S MANIFESTING TIPS Vision Visualize what you would like to create. One way of doing this is by making a vision board filled with pictures, words and sayings. Even just the action of making the vision board will help you to manifest. Keep your vision board somewhere you can see it for extra inspiration. Desire Be …

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