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Raising Conscious Kids

raising conscious kids

I’m working on raising conscious children because I feel it’s important that they are their own beings. They may be my children, and I’m doing my best to ensure they have great morals and values, but they have their own individual souls. They may look like me, enjoy some of the things I do, but in the end, they are an individual and will need to find out and create who they really are.

A conscious child is someone who understands not only themselves, but the world around them too. They need to look beyond the surface and dive into discovering deeper meanings. Let me explain what your job as a parent is.

How to Raise Conscious Children

As a conscious person myself (or one in training), I have found that I have the best success with developing consciousness within my children when I:

  • give them choices – rather than telling them I want to do, I encourage my kids to make their own positive choices.
  • being the right energy and space – if I am not present or too busy to listen to my kids, I’m not helping them in anyway. This requires me to consciously be there to help them in the way which best suits them.
  • helping them fit into their environment and not the other way around!
  • showing respect – they may be little, but our kids still deserve our complete respect
  • encourage and welcome questions – let your kids ask the tough questions and then ask them what the answers could be.
  • meditation – guide them on simple guided meditations
  • model mindfulness and being in the present moment
  • listen to what they say – really and truly listen!
  • encourage the sharing of feelings – there’s no right or wrong feelings.
  • practice gratitude – either verbally around the dinner table, in a journal or using drawings, share what you are all grateful for.
  • share intentions – model what your intentions are and encourage your children to share their own intentions too.

Please take a read of my article What is Conscious Parenting to learn more about how you too can raise conscious kids.

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Self Care: 12 Simple Ways to Look After Yourself


Self care isn’t something you should ignore. It’s not something that you can put aside till you’re not busy, the family are older or you’ll do during the holidays. Self care is looking after yourself. If you don’t care for yourself, you will be unable to care for others. It’s as simple as that.

Self care is about caring for your mind, body and soul. It is a task we need to remind ourselves to do every day, not just when we get sick. Prevention is far better than cure, after all. It can be easy to do, and once a part of your daily routine, effortless. It’s about choosing the right foods, getting enough sleep and saying no (yes, it’s okay to say no). Many feel guilty when they choose to put themselves first, but I’m telling you that you must!

12 Ways to Practice Self Care

Looking after yourself isn’t an option. Here are 12 things you can do to practice self care each day:

  1. Get enough sleep – sleep deprivation is hideous. It prevents us from functioning at optimal levels, affects the choices we make, the foods we eat and the way we feel.
  2. Make good food choices – it may be easier to choose takeaways over cooking at home, but what is it doing to your body if you choose it often?
  3. Exercise – keeping active helps not only your body to function well, but also your mind.
  4. Check in with your emotions – sit quietly for a moment and without judgement, name what you are feeling.
  5. Ask for help – no one is an island to themselves. If you need help, ask!
  6. Laugh – find something funny to laugh at every day.
  7. Be still – stop and be quiet for ten minutes. It will help ground you.
  8. Say no – if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. You don’t need to be everything to everybody. Put yourself first without any guilt.
  9. Keep a journal – be honest with how you are feeling.
  10. Be grateful – each day, name five things you are grateful for.
  11. Get organised – find one area in your life which needs more organisation; your purse, your diary or your cupboards, and sort them out!
  12. Use aromatherapy – having a diffuser with your choice of essential oils can really lift your mood and help you feel great!

A guided healing session can also be a wonderful way of giving back to yourself. Book your two hour session today and make today the day you put yourself first.

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What Happens During a Guided Healing Session?

guided healing session

If you’re not sure what a guided healing session is, you’re not alone. I would say in fact, that it is the number one barrier that initially stops my clients having one. I truly believe though, it is one of the most amazing self-care activities you can give yourself. As explained in my article, What is Guided Healing, it is a combination of meditation, card readings and guidance, life coaching and healing thoughts. The entire session is focused on you and your needs, helping you to move forwards in your life.

A guided healing session is something anyone can have regardless of religious beliefs, and is a safe non-invasive holistic practice. Today I’m going to take you inside with me on what happens during a guided healing session.

Exploring a Guided Healing Session

Your life is affected by energy. The choices you make, your past history, your interactions with others: they are all great big energy balls impacting upon your life. To bring you back to the ideal state of physical, emotional and spiritually well-being, your energy must be able to flow throughout your body unimpeded.

Each person I work with is different. That means every session must be unique too. Take for instance, this story from one of my beautiful clients:

Here I am, 32 years old, bawling my eyes out in the shower thinking I was having a mental breakdown. My partner knew I had been crying when I came out and suggested I should talk to someone. I had done counselling previously – when I first got diagnosed with anxiety 13 years ago, 3 years ago when my marriage broke down and then again last year when my marriage reached the final breaking point. It didn’t work for ME. I needed to talk to someone who could understand ME and be on MY level.

Scrolling through Facebook I saw a post that Victoria put up about the upcoming Wellness Fair in Inglewood. I took it as a sign and felt like I needed to connect with her. I decided to get a short guided healing session at the Wellness Fair to see if this was for me. Victoria explained that a guided session can be different every time and it is completely different for everyone. It is guided by your higher beings, your angels, your spirit guides and they guide the session with what YOU need at that time. My spirit guides needed to tell me at that exact moment that I was ok. There is a reason for why this is currently happening. This “breakdown” was pushing me toward what I needed to do. My head was in such a messy state, all I needed was for someone to say stop, breathe and just listen. I left the reading with a clearer head space and instantly booked a 2 hour guided healing with Victoria for the following week.

I had my first 2 hour guided healing session, this time going in to more depth and details about everything and this time doing different things which my spirit guided wanted me to do. The following 3 days after my first session my thoughts slowed down and everything became clear to me and I knew exactly what I needed to do. I straight away started working on everything I needed to do to change my life direction. Because of Victoria I have literally leveled up my life! I have been given tools on how to deal with the low moments and how to change my way of thinking about them. I can not wait to see what is in store for me at my next session. I am so truly grateful to have met Victoria and to now have her in this part of my life journey.

So, I can’t specifically say what will happen during your session. What I can do though, is share the types of things that may occur:

  • Aura scanning
  • Energy identification
  • Unblocking and easing of big emotions
  • Connecting with energy
  • Inviting joy into your life
  • Meditation
  • Life coaching
  • Card readings
  • Positive visualisation
  • Removal of negative thoughts and thinking patterns
  • Feeling a loving presence
  • A sense of peace and deep relaxation
  • Lightness and loving feelings towards others
  • Increased clarity
  • Emotional clearing

I’d love to become your guided healer and help you move forwards and achieve more. Send me a message, and let’s make a time to meet up!

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What is Guided Healing?

guided healing

Guided healing. I love it. It’s one of the tools people are slightly unsure of though. Today I’m going to clear up the mystery about what guided healing is, and whom it can benefit.

What is Guided Healing?

Guided healing is completely focused on you. It takes into consideration who you are, where you are and where you are going in this journey we call life. It’s different from spiritual healing, which is focused on energy from a greater power. Instead it uses a combination of meditation, card readings and guidance, life coaching and healing thoughts.

It’s not something you can cure cancer with. Nor will it help you recover from the flu. Rather, guided healing is about helping you move forwards onto the right path through seeing where you’ve been and identifying where you want to go.

Who Is Guided Healing For?

You. Guided healing is a safe and non invasive holistic practice which everyone can benefit from. From reducing the impact of negative experiences from our past, through to seeking a path forward during life’s challenges, it can help everyone.

Rather than giving a generic ‘guided healing session to my clients, I instead draw upon my varied holistic skills to customise a session which suits your needs perfectly. I understand than many people want to know what’s happening and why, and I am very happy to explain what we are doing as we work through our time together.

I’m also happy to have a chat and explain in detail more about what a guided healing session can involve. Send me a message, and let’s make a time for a chat.

Email me at to book your appointment

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Bottling Up Emotions

bottling up emotions

What is emotion bottling all about?

It can come in many forms, and today I am going to be really vulnerable and tell you mine!

I RUN! Yup I’m a runner, every time life I get itchy feet or there is a slight feeling of confrontation, I start planning on where I am going to move to. I visualise how my life is going to look and I sit in my new life where no one knows me and start all over again. BLISSFUL…until I repeat the same cycle and have to move again! How many times do we run from our problems or place the blame on childhood events or everybody else, rather than stepping up and seeing the truth for what it is?

I can now happily say I can manage these emotions and know how to deal with nearly any situation that comes my way. I have committed to living my life and I hope to be able to help you in any area you may want to improve!

There are plenty of ways to bottle up emotions

Do you keep your bottle empty, so you can be available to fill it up with abundance of every type when ever you choose? Or do you fill those bottles up with everything and anything, so that they over flow and no one or nothing can get in. Or even worse, do you put a lid on the full bottle, shake it up and finally when you take the lid off it explodes everywhere all over everyone near you?

How to Identify if You Are Bottling Up Emotions

It may be tight scalp, knots in the shoulders, sore back, stiff neck and if your body is REALLY trying to talk to you, it may be getting into accidents, tripping over, breaking bones, appendicitis, flu or simply exhaustion.

Tiredness or short tempered, having a sense of no self confidence or self esteem issues, not wanting sex or cuddles and finding it hard to receive and hard to FEEL gratitude can be all systems of having a FULL bottle!

I recently went to see my new osteopath and what she told me blew my mind. She told me just by looking at my body that I had in the last few years hit BURN OUT. I thought I had a dose of PND but she said my body was showing her that from being in flight and fight for so long I wasn’t receiving enough oxygen, that my sacral was locked and my gut needed healing. I would of hated to think what she would of seen 3 years ago considering the immense amounts of healing and awakening to inner self awareness I have already been through. She also said well the good news is you are still here! Shocking.

Many of my clients come to me at breaking point. Many people say they feel that their head is just above water, which I take as they are already under.

I ask my clients on a scale from 1-10: 1 being calm and 10 being extremely heightened. Many say they are at an 8 all of the time, which to me indicates they are at a 10 all of the time and that their lid could pop off exploding over everyone in sight.

This is what we want to avoid. If I knew that being at a level 8-10 all the time was going to cause a break down, of course I would of stopped. But I didn’t know what was meant to be a normal state.

Now as a life coach and holistic healer, I help people to assess where they are at so they can always sit at a level 5, and when they start to fill the bottle they have the tools to overcome everything and anything. Today I want to share a couple of techniques that can help you from bottling up and exploding your bottle!


Take a deep breath through your nose  right down into your tummy for the count of 4 then slowly breath out your mouth to the count of 10

Do this 3x WHY? Because this will help you refresh all your oxygen and bring you back to centre so you can focus and re-group


Staying grounded also brings us back to the present moment HOW? Stay on the grass, dirt or beach. Wriggle your toes wriggle your entire body COME BACK DOWN TO EARTH!


Trying to fit everything in this tiny body can be painful so to avoid this and to give our body some ease a really good thing to do is expand your energy.

All you have to do is close your eyes and try find the edges… have you found them? Trick question 😉 there are no edges to you! You are an energetic being who happens to have a body so again close your eyes and expand your energy out past yourself past your aura past your property past your town or city past your country, expand expand expand right out the the universe and sit there for a bit. How do you feel? Have you done it? If not don’t worry, sometimes going beyond the logical mind takes practice so just take your mind out of it.

I hope this helps and I would LOVE to connect with you so please drop me an email and tell me how you found these techniques.

P.s Guided readings are coming soon here is the link to my Halo Healing FB page. Stay tuned for new interview series and much more helpful free content 🙂


Victoria xx

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Looking Back On Our April Retreat

It’s time for some bars.

Our recent Inner Self Awareness Retreat was in one word, FABULOUS! Actually, there are plenty of other words I’d like to share with you too, but first, here’s what our first retreat guests have to say:

For those that are considering doing a retreat with Victoria and Racheal I can highly recommend it! The two ladies are fun and full of enlightenment and the most amazing hosts. The venue is like a sanctuary of relaxation and perfect place to release some old thoughts feelings and ideas of who you think you need to be.

If you know it’s time for a change then this is the place to go. If you are wanting to look within yourself and willing to let go and make changes in your life this is where you need to go! Go with an open mind take your togs leave your baggage at the door and make way for changes.

You will laugh, you will cry, you will realise so many things about yourself and if nothing else you will relax and be pampered by these beautiful ladies and the serene surroundings! I would totally go again Victoria and Racheal have given me to tools to become a better me and shown me I am worthy I am the only person who can change me and I listened to everyone else’s stories of what they have been thru and are going thru truly helped me realise how we let these things define us and don’t let us shine on who we need to be to create a better world .. and they are just that .. stories we are telling ourselves!

So again I highly recommend taking the time to go you won’t regret it xx
Evelyn Adams- Whangamata

Cannot be more thankful for this amazing retreat and what it has given me. I’ve been given the gift of self worth, love & healing. Victoria is so supportive, informative, helpful and caring. Her positive energy guided me through the weekend & I am so grateful .

Racheal is so amazing for helping me feel like I was at a home away from home. I felt so relaxed and relaxed comforted in her presence. I definitely felt uplifted when leaving the retreat and feel with their support I can begin my new journey in a new light…. 100% recommend these two ladies, I would love to do this retreat again
Justine Hughes-Occupational therapist

I have had the privilege of knowing Victoria for the past 6 years. I have been to many of her classes, had my bars run, healings, Advise and healings done on my son. She well and truly opened my eyes to the world of energy and healing. I have recently been privileged and lucky enough to be able to go to her first ever retreat.

It was such an amazing experience and my eyes were opened even further- I don’t think I have ever relaxed so much but she was the space I needed to do so. She helped facilitate my own awareness and showed immense professionalism along the way.

So if you ever need help or guidance or even if your not even sure what you need please contact Victoria – she has a true gift.
Olivia Healey- nurse

A weekend to remember, each moment of our retreat was filled with fun, love and positive energy!

A weekend where participants could unwind and connect with themselves, find peace and stillness once more in their lives.

Hosted in Rachael’s home, we spent three days and two nights in absolute luxury. Each day was planned for our guests, combining a mixture of workshops, plenty of hands on activities and personal time.

Offering both space for day and overnight guests, we all enjoyed the time we spent focusing on ourselves and restoring our spiritual and physical well-being.

We’d love for you to come on our next retreat! Get in touch with Victoria today to learn more: 027 925 9059 or

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Victoria Bond

My name is Victoria Bond

Every day is an exciting opportunity for me to create and bring purpose to my life and help others to be empowered.

I know that there is magic in the world and I am always asking how I can contribute. 

My life looked very different 3 years ago when I hit rock bottom! I often wished that the bed would swallow me up or a space ship would come and save me. I wasn’t enjoying this reality at all, in fact I was starting to resent it.

I had a toddler and a baby who I loved with all my heart, a loving husband and so many people around me but still felt completely alone. My body was shutting down every afternoon for up to 3 hours, where I was awake but trapped inside a body that wasn’t functioning. I couldn’t look after my children and I was too afraid to leave the house sometimes or drive my car around the corner to drop off my kids off to day-care! I still managed to work from my home hair salon where I could show up as me and create, but straight afterwards I was exhausted. 

My empathy towards others was so strong I could feel everyone’s feelings and spirit was continually in my ear trying to get me to pass on messages to their loved ones! Energy was the only thing I knew to be true in the end. Being well and truly in victim mode, I had pushed nearly everybody away from me, a marriage under strain and kids that were always sick and didn’t sleep.

I had concluded that I probably wouldn’t find happiness again but the love I had for my kids was a trade-off I was willing to accept. Deep down I had always known I had a purpose and I knew it had to do with energy. That was the only thing I felt to be real, so I started asking questions and seeking out people that could help me out of the dark tunnel and started focusing on my gifts. I started off with an energy clearing workshop which resonated deeply and changed my reality instantly, but the anxiety and exhaustion was still lingering. 

One day, a friend invited me to an Access Consciousness Bars workshop. The energy felt right so I went not knowing anything about what I was going to or what we would be learning. It was from then my life changed dramatically. The space I felt after having my Bars run was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I wasn’t even sure what it was, the mind chatter had gone, when I slept I actually slept! I felt a tiny bit of hope. 

Within 3 days I had opened my new business Halo Healing and I openly told people what I facilitated and for the first time in quite a while the judgements of others weren’t as such a scary point for me. I sometimes doubted that what I had learnt, and that the running of the bars could truly help me as I had tried so much before that, but I kept going and every single day with using the simple tools and having my bars run every couple of weeks I was noticing more and more change. Even my husband could see, and everyone was asking what I was doing because I was becoming passionate again and even starting to look better.

Now I am a Reiki practitioner and a life coach and what my signature sessions involve is ‘Guided healing’ which is a session where we are guided to give clients what it is they need, this can be a mixture of Bars, coaching, intuitive work and more than likely some homework as a session with me is only just the beginning of the journey.

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Fulfillment Equals True Happiness

If only I had … then I would be truly happy. Well my friend, you’ll never have everything you want, so will you never be truly happy?

What if the main reason we’re alive is to be happy? How would we achieve that if we never get everything we want?

I’m a believer that true happiness comes when you are fulfilled mental, spiritually and physically. The question then becomes, how do you achieve all three of those properties? Simple. You give life the best you’ve got, and in return, will receive the best from the world. Let me show you how…

What Does Fulfillment Mean?

Being happy is a choice. Yes, that’s right: a choice. You hold the power to your true happiness, which means you also decide when you are fulfilled too.

I know this will totally have some people upset, or rather, angry. There are those that believe they need certain things and that without them, they cannot function. In this life we have, we do need things, but we don’t always need what we want.

Western society has taught us that materialism and wealth are vital for our happiness. That in order to be truly satisfied, we must keep seeking out what we do not have until we get it. The problem is, we never do. So, we stay while not unhappy, not fulfilled and it is here the problem lies.

To achieve complete fulfillment, we must consciously accept that a want is just a want, that we have everything already, or that we can easily obtain it. I am not meaning to say that if you are in a dreadful relationship, or without a job that you should accept those and be happy with you lot. Rather that if you are seeking that which is unnecessary, be it a million dollars or a new house (but you are comfortable with what you have) then you are making an active choice not to be truly happy.

It’s Time to Make Your Choice

Right now is the time to make a choice. You can choose to be happy, or you can choose to seek what you cannot have. Will you live your life seeking the unobtainable, never feeling content with what you already have? Or will you make the choice to accept what you have with grace, actively seeking that which you need (not want) to be fulfilled?

I know which choice I made, and I hope you make that too.

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Your Mindset is a Powerful Tool: Here’s Why

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the impact your mindset has on your life? From what you do, through to what you eat, to what you can accomplish. Your mindset has a role in your life, and it’s often one we fail to recognise.

Until today. I’m going to be explaining what your mindset it, sharing with you the ways you can use it to your advantage. Breaking through barriers and making your own choices.

What is Mindset?

With the word mind in it, you’ll know that your mindset is something to do with the way you think. But there’s more to it than that. In fact, your mindset is made up of your assumptions, your understandings, your beliefs, and your thoughts. I love this quote which explains it well:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.” — Mahatma Gandhi

First used in the 1930s to describe the habits of mind which are formed by our past experiences, mindsets are our deeply held attitudes, beliefs and assumptions about how we and everyone around us works. Created by experiences, you could say that our mindsets are decided for us. But the issue with this is that it does not take into consideration that we all have our own free will to choose to do and believe as we wish. It’s the breaking through of these barriers which I want to talk about next.

How to Break Down Your Mindset

The power your mindset has over you is related to your past experiences. We already know that what you have seen and done in the past affects the way you think and act today. If you’ve only ever had a wonderful fairytale life, then you can skip this part. However, no-one has ever had one, which means you’ll need to know your mindset:

  • creates blind spots – it’s like looking at the world wearing rose tinted glasses. You only see parts of the world, only parts of what’s happening. You see what you have learned from your past experiences, and need to make an effort to see outside of it.
  • is self-deceptive – it’s looking through your past experiences searching for something it can relate to. Something to bring meaning to what you’ve got now. This means you will unconsciously be revisiting the past again and again. It is what your mind knows and recognises.

In order to break down your mindset, you must practice mindfulness. This is being here and now in the present, noticing the feelings and thoughts you have at this exact second. Not relating them to something in the past.
It’s the conscious choice to be aware of what your mindset is telling you. Then make the decision to do something which is of more advantage to you and those around you. It’s the focus of the process, rather than the outcome which makes changes – on both what we do and what we share with others. I like this quote, which explains things well:

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” — Jane Goodall

Being mindful is about being in the moment, and being in the moment and responding to it, is how you can break through your mindset.

Victoria xx

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Manifesting 101



Visualize what you would like to create.

One way of doing this is by making a vision board filled with pictures, words and sayings. Even just the action of making the vision board will help you to manifest. Keep your vision board somewhere you can see it for extra inspiration.


Be intensely excited about what you are visualizing.

THINK BIG! Where there is a will there is a way!


Believe what you desire is possible to manifest.

Think of people that already have what you are wishing to manifest. So many of the people you admire started off with nothing before they got where they have today. Many entrepreneurs, motivational speakers and famous actors have been homeless and broke! Believe anything is possible.


Accept your belief and your ability to manifest it as being true.

If other people have this why can’t you? What you think about you bring about. Accept that this is what you will be manifesting and there is only one way forward.


Want and intent are different.

You must have the intention to manifest your desire. Ask the universe for what you are intending on coming into your life. e.g. ‘I would like to make $1000 a week and work only 20 hours a week within the next 3months please’ or ‘I would like to go on 3x holidays a year to…….’ or ‘I would like to be healthier and run 1/2 a marathon in 6 months’ the more specific you are the more likely you will receive.


Act and behave as your desire has already manifested.

Start feeling what it would feel like when you have manifested what you are after. Commit to your living. Who can help you achieve your goal? What can you change today to get you closer? What step can you take next to get some momentum? Every day take action to become it is what you are after. Write down 3 or more affirmations and say 10x in morning 10x at night.


Detach from the outcome.

You have to be intense in your desire without any expectation. When we ask the universe for things we just never know how it will come about so have trust and keep doing the steps, do not get in the way of the universe giving it to you. Things never come as expected.