bottling up emotions

Bottling Up Emotions

What is emotion bottling all about?

It can come in many forms, and today I am going to be really vulnerable and tell you mine!

I RUN! Yup I’m a runner, every time life I get itchy feet or there is a slight feeling of confrontation, I start planning on where I am going to move to. I visualise how my life is going to look and I sit in my new life where no one knows me and start all over again. BLISSFUL…until I repeat the same cycle and have to move again! How many times do we run from our problems or place the blame on childhood events or everybody else, rather than stepping up and seeing the truth for what it is?

I can now happily say I can manage these emotions and know how to deal with nearly any situation that comes my way. I have committed to living my life and I hope to be able to help you in any area you may want to improve!

There are plenty of ways to bottle up emotions

Do you keep your bottle empty, so you can be available to fill it up with abundance of every type when ever you choose? Or do you fill those bottles up with everything and anything, so that they over flow and no one or nothing can get in. Or even worse, do you put a lid on the full bottle, shake it up and finally when you take the lid off it explodes everywhere all over everyone near you?

How to Identify if You Are Bottling Up Emotions

It may be tight scalp, knots in the shoulders, sore back, stiff neck and if your body is REALLY trying to talk to you, it may be getting into accidents, tripping over, breaking bones, appendicitis, flu or simply exhaustion.

Tiredness or short tempered, having a sense of no self confidence or self esteem issues, not wanting sex or cuddles and finding it hard to receive and hard to FEEL gratitude can be all systems of having a FULL bottle!

I recently went to see my new osteopath and what she told me blew my mind. She told me just by looking at my body that I had in the last few years hit BURN OUT. I thought I had a dose of PND but she said my body was showing her that from being in flight and fight for so long I wasn’t receiving enough oxygen, that my sacral was locked and my gut needed healing. I would of hated to think what she would of seen 3 years ago considering the immense amounts of healing and awakening to inner self awareness I have already been through. She also said well the good news is you are still here! Shocking.

Many of my clients come to me at breaking point. Many people say they feel that their head is just above water, which I take as they are already under.

I ask my clients on a scale from 1-10: 1 being calm and 10 being extremely heightened. Many say they are at an 8 all of the time, which to me indicates they are at a 10 all of the time and that their lid could pop off exploding over everyone in sight.

This is what we want to avoid. If I knew that being at a level 8-10 all the time was going to cause a break down, of course I would of stopped. But I didn’t know what was meant to be a normal state.

Now as a life coach and holistic healer, I help people to assess where they are at so they can always sit at a level 5, and when they start to fill the bottle they have the tools to overcome everything and anything. Today I want to share a couple of techniques that can help you from bottling up and exploding your bottle!


Take a deep breath through your nose  right down into your tummy for the count of 4 then slowly breath out your mouth to the count of 10

Do this 3x WHY? Because this will help you refresh all your oxygen and bring you back to centre so you can focus and re-group


Staying grounded also brings us back to the present moment HOW? Stay on the grass, dirt or beach. Wriggle your toes wriggle your entire body COME BACK DOWN TO EARTH!


Trying to fit everything in this tiny body can be painful so to avoid this and to give our body some ease a really good thing to do is expand your energy.

All you have to do is close your eyes and try find the edges… have you found them? Trick question 😉 there are no edges to you! You are an energetic being who happens to have a body so again close your eyes and expand your energy out past yourself past your aura past your property past your town or city past your country, expand expand expand right out the the universe and sit there for a bit. How do you feel? Have you done it? If not don’t worry, sometimes going beyond the logical mind takes practice so just take your mind out of it.

I hope this helps and I would LOVE to connect with you so please drop me an email and tell me how you found these techniques.

P.s Guided readings are coming soon here is the link to my Halo Healing FB page. Stay tuned for new interview series and much more helpful free content 🙂


Victoria xx