Following the Energy

From an early age we are taught to make our decisions based on what we ‘think is right which of course is a mixture of belief systems, conditioning from our environments and upbringing. The human race has seemed to be in a form of survival mode having to become something or someone to be noticed in this world and to be respected you have to play by a certain set of rules.

So many of us are loosing ourselves amongst these set of rules that have been made for us and we have taken on as our own, everyone has a slightly different set of rules by which if they don’t play by them it can feel that they are failing there family friends and themselves. They do not know who they are anymore only who they should be. We are unique and we all have something incredible to offer the earth and the human race.

Following the energy has been an interested concept I have been seeing more and more around lately. People are really starting to listen more to there bodies not just there heads and what they think everyone else wants them to do. I use the light and heavy tool a lot in my day to day life and in my practice at HALO HEALING it has become a tool my family uses also. The trick is to listen to your body …eg. body would you like sugar or salt? body would you like a walk or a sleep?

With my clients I ask questions of what is light or heavy for them and many can’t even feel what is light and what is heavy for them, I was exactly the same it took me a few weeks of practicing with my body to get the gist! When did we stop listening? Would we be getting into these messes if we listened to what we actually need not just what is expected of us? We all say ‘what does your gut say?’ when someone is asking for our advise but what are we truly listening to? Our heads or our body?

A close friends of mine decided to finish her job, the negativity in the workplace was slowly but surely wearing her down she knew there was something greater out there for her, she was distort her gut was telling her she must leave but her brain told her it was irresponsible to leave a job without another, she tried to find another but her body was not functioning properly her emotions were all over the show.

So she started asking questions ‘shall I hand in my resignation now’ she noticed the feeling in her body and it was light then she asked ‘shall I stay in my job till I find another?’ her body felt contracted and heavy. She left her job the next day, feeling happy and light she asked the universe to give her the perfect job in an career where she can learn, grow, be respected, make a difference, make better money and not work any late nights.

Feeling like she failed the interview, she still trusted in the universe that she would get what she needed so she went on holiday feeling her vibrations raising and re-charging only to receive a phone call telling her the job was hers, she could start after her holiday and they had decided to give her an extra $1 an hour on top of the original salary they had offered and she would be making an extra $5 an hour than her last job! As you can imagine she was very happy, it was evidence that she knew what was right. If she had listened to others around her she would of waited until she had a definite job for stability but she knew better and proved it to her self by following the energy. When we choose first the universe will then provide which is the opposite to the way a lot of us have been taught.

Listening to out gut (aka light and heavy) should in my point of view be the way we live of lives. Of course this sound scary for a lot of us, when was the last time your gut instinct let you down ? Our mind can play tricks on us but our body gives us clear signs some of us start to shake, feel sick, get sick or even hurt ourselves in an attempt to stop us.

To start listening play around with what you light and what your heavy is!

Ask your self questions, how is your body feeling? Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t know straight away because this is natural instinct with all the conditioning of ‘life’ some times we just need to remember ♡