Fulfillment Equals True Happiness

If only I had … then I would be truly happy. Well my friend, you’ll never have everything you want, so will you never be truly happy?

What if the main reason we’re alive is to be happy? How would we achieve that if we never get everything we want?

I’m a believer that true happiness comes when you are fulfilled mental, spiritually and physically. The question then becomes, how do you achieve all three of those properties? Simple. You give life the best you’ve got, and in return, will receive the best from the world. Let me show you how…

What Does Fulfillment Mean?

Being happy is a choice. Yes, that’s right: a choice. You hold the power to your true happiness, which means you also decide when you are fulfilled too.

I know this will totally have some people upset, or rather, angry. There are those that believe they need certain things and that without them, they cannot function. In this life we have, we do need things, but we don’t always need what we want.

Western society has taught us that materialism and wealth are vital for our happiness. That in order to be truly satisfied, we must keep seeking out what we do not have until we get it. The problem is, we never do. So, we stay while not unhappy, not fulfilled and it is here the problem lies.

To achieve complete fulfillment, we must consciously accept that a want is just a want, that we have everything already, or that we can easily obtain it. I am not meaning to say that if you are in a dreadful relationship, or without a job that you should accept those and be happy with you lot. Rather that if you are seeking that which is unnecessary, be it a million dollars or a new house (but you are comfortable with what you have) then you are making an active choice not to be truly happy.

It’s Time to Make Your Choice

Right now is the time to make a choice. You can choose to be happy, or you can choose to seek what you cannot have. Will you live your life seeking the unobtainable, never feeling content with what you already have? Or will you make the choice to accept what you have with grace, actively seeking that which you need (not want) to be fulfilled?

I know which choice I made, and I hope you make that too.