What is Guided Healing?

Guided healing is completely focused on you. It takes into consideration who you are, where you are and where you are going in this journey we call life. It’s different from spiritual healing, which is focused on energy from a greater power. Instead it uses a combination of healing modalites that may include Access Bars, Reiki, intuitive healing, card readings and guidance, life coaching and essential oils.

Guided healing is a safe and non invasive holistic practice which everyone can benefit from. From reducing the impact of negative experiences from our past, through to seeking a path forward during life’s challenges, it can help everyone.

Rather than giving a generic ‘guided healing’ session to my clients, I instead draw upon my varied holistic skills to customise a session which suits your needs perfectly. I understand than many people want to know what’s happening and why, and I am very happy to explain what we are doing as we work through our time together.

Check out more about the modalities that can we included in a guided healing session.


Life coaching is the ability to empower others by helping them to reach their goals in their personal and professional lives.

Everybody has a different point of view of the world and having the right life coach who supports your own personal requirements is paramount to achieve success.

At Halo Healing we understand that everybody has a different goal, a different life and a different out look on what success might mean. With no judgement just support and understanding let us help you to be empowered and be the BEST version of yourself so you can reach your goals and live your life purpose with confidence.

Why do you need a life coaching session?

With direction from an outside source you will be able to identify the places where you need strength and the places where you are your  strongest. We can help you in each areas with the end result in mind.

It is easy to get confused when we are over-thinking, sometimes we can get stuck and not know how to go forward and that is when working with a life coach can give you the guidance and tools to over come any obstacle.

As a Life Coach we can see your blind spots. We are trained to help you achieve your goals and be confident going forward.


Having your chakra system balanced is so important to create a balanced healthy and abundant life. Being grounded is the first thing that is done during this chakra balancing session and then chakra by chakra we will help to heal and balance these meridians and also give you the information you need to keep working on this incredible energy system so you can stay balanced!

Lets face it, life is busy and sometimes outside influences, judgments of ourselves and the pressure of life throws us out of balance, so we are here to balance your energy and also tell you the information so you can have a healthy and abundant life. 

Using many different techniques depending on what is required for the individual, your 7 main chakras will be balanced and healed.


Based on intuition means you never quite know what type of session you are going to get! There isn’t much structure and it is very go with the flow. These reading can be very potent! The cards act as the ‘medium’ and much of the advise is channelled as your loved ones come in to help with the session.

You will leave with tools to continuously grow, you will learn about what chakra may need strengthening and the knowledge of how to overcome the obstacles in life that you may be facing.

Your loved ones may come through in the reading but the point of the session is guidance, healing and leaving knowing you have some tools and more clarity to take forward into the future.

Readings can be done worldwide via Skype or zoom


Do you ever feel like your not yourself? Have headaches or can’t sleep?

Maybe you are more psychic than you ever gave yourself credit for and have picked up energies or entities that don’t belong to you.

This happens more than you know and as energetic beings, we can pick up on all sorts that are not of us! When we have these awareness’s (which are a gift) that is all fine and dandy until the energy or entity doesn’t leave!.

We can feel drained, not sleep or really sick or our house can start to feel heavy.

The best thing to do is to receive an entity clearing.

This can be done by distance and we will share with you the tools to raise the frequency of your home and body.

Clear your home, workplace or other areas from negative energy with an energy clearing session. I will come to the place you would like improved and help dispel any negative energy which has amounted there.