Soulful Energy Shifting Retreat

Soulful Energy Shifting Retreat!

What would it take to tap into the true brilliance of you to create more for you and those around you?

Victoria Bond , Regina Cachuela and Racheal Matthews are excited to offer you the opportunity to come learn, relax and up level your life and business.

This retreat is designed for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs with tools to empower you. Book HERE!

RELEASE – what doesn’t serve you. PERCEIVE – The true brilliance of you. RECEIVE- inspiration

COLLECT – your ideas. CURATE – your soulful path. CONNECT – the dots to thrives in this physical reality.

Is it time for you to invest in yourself to re-find the true essence of WHO you are?

JOIN US as we shift and ride the edge of GLORY!

Retreat setting

Soulful Energy Shifting retreat includes…

  • All meals and refreshments included
  • Your very own room
  • A goodie bag with a journal, pen and much more
  • One on one coaching with a certified life coach
  • One on one body healing processes
  • Group learning sessions
  • Manuals to take home
  • Heated spa
  • Stunning grounds and plenty of space to have alone time
  • An array of tools and processes to learn so you will be able to continue to use after the retreat

DATE: 20th-22nd March 2020

VENUE:  Hamilton, New Zealand

PRICE:   Overnight stayers- $1997

    Day retreaters- $1497

This retreat is perfect for those who need a relaxing pampered weekend away to rejuvenate, for those who are going through a spiritual awakening, or those who need to work through barriers and blocks and are interested in growing their spiritual awareness and consciousness. Whether you are a holistic healer or completely new to this, you will benefit from what this Soulful Energy Shifting retreat has to offer.


Nurture and connect with yourself

Relax and unwind

Find peace, calm and stillness

Experience joy, clarity and inner strength

Rest and restore your body

Become more spiritually aware

Learn about energy

Release fears and blockages

Reconnect the mind, body and soul

Contact us today

Victoria 0279259057 Racheal 0272825036

Just a few testimonials from our last Retreat

For those that are considering doing a retreat with Victoria and Racheal I can highly recommend it! The two ladies are fun and full of enlightenment and the most amazing hosts. The venue is like a sanctuary of relaxation and perfect place to release some old thoughts feelings and ideas of who you think you need to be. If you know it’s time for a change then this is the place to go. If you are wanting to look within yourself and willing to let go and make changes in your life this is where you need to go! Go with an open mind take your togs leave your baggage at the door and make way for changes.You will laugh, you will cry, you will realise so many things about yourself and if nothing else you will relax and be pampered by these beautiful ladies and the serene surroundings! I would totally go again Victoria and Racheal have given me to tools to become a better me and shown me I am worthy I am the only person who can change me and I listened to everyone else’s stories of what they have been thru and are going thru truly helped me realise how we let these things define us and don’t let us shine on who we need to be to create a better world .. and they are just that .. stories we are telling ourselves! So again I highly recommend taking the time to go you won’t regret it xx
Evelyn Adams- Whangamata

I can not be more thankful for this amazing retreat and what it has given me. I’ve been given the gift of self worth, love & healing. Victoria is so supportive, informative, helpful and caring. Her positive energy guided me through the weekend & I am so grateful .

Racheal is so amazing for helping me feel like I was at a home away from home. I felt so relaxed and relaxed comforted in her presence. I definitely felt uplifted when leaving the retreat and feel with their support I can begin my new journey in a new light…. 100% recommend these two ladies, I would love to do this retreat again
Justine Hughes-Occupational therapis

I have had the privilege of knowing Victoria for the past 6 years. I have been to many of her classes, had my bars run, healings, Advise and healings done on my son. She well and truly opened my eyes to the world of energy and healing. I have recently been privileged and lucky enough to be able to go to her first ever retreat.It was such an amazing experience and my eyes were opened even further- I don’t think I have ever relaxed so much but she was the space I needed to do so. She helped facilitate my own awareness and showed immense professionalism along the way.So if you ever need help or guidance or even if your not even sure what you need please contact Victoria – she has a true gift.
Olivia Healey- nurse

FIND YOUR BLISS – Bali Spiritual Awakening Retreat

7 days of experiences to awaken the body, mind and soul.

Here is a sneak peak of what will be coming up in the ‘Find Your Bliss Retreat’……

Sacred water ceremony, energy workshops, spiritual attuning and activations, healings and readings as well as tapping into your very own super powers and working on releasing the old to make room for the true essence of who you are choosing to be! WOW 🙂 Plenty of relaxation will also be taking place!

Experience, habits and actions create huge chabge and that is what you will experience at the ‘Find Your Bliss Retreat’.

With all expenses included apart from dinners and flights, you can relax, learn and nurture yourself and experience more enlightenment than ever before.

It is my privilege and honour to be your facilitator as you go through your journey.

As an extra bonus I will be gifting you a 30min Guided Coaching session before and after the retreat.

If you desire to know more about this life changing retreat please reach out and lets connect.

Victoria Bond