It Started With One Simple Question

It started with one simple question

What is blocking you from fulfilling your true desires?
Can you change it?
If so, how can you change it?

Our thoughts, feelings, emotions and knowledge of what we think is good and bad or wrong is often what we have been taught by society, family, teachers and peers on how to live. Judgement and fixed points of views and being right is also how we believe we will be successful…. “Fight or Flight” is still the way many of us function instead of listening to our very own awareness.

It’s fascinating listening to people argue, debate or discuss their opinions, as any diplomatic person or mediator would be trained to see is that every opinion or judgement is simply a point of view. Every belief is simply a point of view which sometimes we hold on to so tight because that is what determines who we are… Its not… you are much, much more.

I personally became obsessed with finding the truth many years ago; utterly confused at how everybody believed in completely different stories from religion to spirituality to absolutely nothing my little mind kept fighting and searching for my truth. The more I fought to find the truth the more pain and confusion I felt so I gave up looking grabbed my journal and I asked one simple question.

What do I know to be true that I haven’t been told to believe?

What if I already knew?
Usually I would not be stuck on what to write but this time I had nothing absolutely nothing!
Right then at that moment I had no idea who I was, I had just had an awareness and I felt free. I was free to find my own truth without putting definition of what was right or wrong, good or bad. Who was I and what did I know?

Having this awareness did not always feel so freeing because I was confused, had I been lied to my entire life? I got mad, really mad!

Realising I had awareness and I could tap into something and receive more and more of what I was asking for I began to find people, articles, mentors and friends that matched my questions. I went to many workshops and gained as much information as possible, the awareness’s kept on coming. As if by magic the answers were appearing in my minds eye and in the way of signs, lyrics of songs, names and even in my dreams. I knew something was opening up but I also had an awareness {gut feeling} that I needed to heal, forgive and find gratitude so I wasn’t so angry anymore.

Source, intuition, guides, god, higher self whatever resonates with you was giving me everything to fulfill the simple question I had asked.
I started asking more ….
*Who can I contribute to?
*Who can help me get to where I need to be to help others?
*What would it take to make helping others my job?

As if by fate I was lead to a Access Consciousness which is a set of tools and processes to create more awareness and consciousness. Full of questions, tools, processes with no judgment just simply choice I could finally help others! How did I get so lucky?

It a started with a question which led to a life of being in the question and not finding the answer because everything is simply a point of view.

What are you choosing?