Manifesting 101



Visualize what you would like to create.

One way of doing this is by making a vision board filled with pictures, words and sayings. Even just the action of making the vision board will help you to manifest. Keep your vision board somewhere you can see it for extra inspiration.


Be intensely excited about what you are visualizing.

THINK BIG! Where there is a will there is a way!


Believe what you desire is possible to manifest.

Think of people that already have what you are wishing to manifest. So many of the people you admire started off with nothing before they got where they have today. Many entrepreneurs, motivational speakers and famous actors have been homeless and broke! Believe anything is possible.


Accept your belief and your ability to manifest it as being true.

If other people have this why can’t you? What you think about you bring about. Accept that this is what you will be manifesting and there is only one way forward.


Want and intent are different.

You must have the intention to manifest your desire. Ask the universe for what you are intending on coming into your life. e.g. ‘I would like to make $1000 a week and work only 20 hours a week within the next 3months please’ or ‘I would like to go on 3x holidays a year to…….’ or ‘I would like to be healthier and run 1/2 a marathon in 6 months’ the more specific you are the more likely you will receive.


Act and behave as your desire has already manifested.

Start feeling what it would feel like when you have manifested what you are after. Commit to your living. Who can help you achieve your goal? What can you change today to get you closer? What step can you take next to get some momentum? Every day take action to become it is what you are after. Write down 3 or more affirmations and say 10x in morning 10x at night.


Detach from the outcome.

You have to be intense in your desire without any expectation. When we ask the universe for things we just never know how it will come about so have trust and keep doing the steps, do not get in the way of the universe giving it to you. Things never come as expected.