Finding the Magic

Every day is an exciting opportunity for me to create and bring purpose to my life. Most of all I know that there is magic in the world and I am always asking how I can contribute.
My life looked very different 3 years ago when I hit rock bottom! I often wished that the bed would swallow me up or a space ship would come and save me. I wasn’t enjoying this reality at all, in fact I was starting to resent it. I had a toddler and a baby who I loved with all my heart, a loving husband and so many people around me but still felt completely alone. My body was shutting down every afternoon for up to 3 hours, where I was awake but trapped inside a body that wasn’t functioning. I couldn’t look after my children and I was too afraid to leave the house sometimes or drive my car around the corner to drop off my kids off to day-care! I still managed to work from my home hair salon where I could show up as me and create, but straight afterwards I was exhausted.

My empathy towards others was so strong I could feel everyone’s feelings and spirit was continually in my ear trying to get me to pass on messages to their loved ones! Energy was the only thing I knew to be true in the end. Being well and truly in victim mode, I had pushed nearly everybody away from me, a marriage under strain and kids that were always sick and didn’t sleep.

I had concluded that I probably wouldn’t find happiness again but the love I had for my kids was a trade-off I was willing to accept. Deep down I had always known I had a purpose and I knew it had to do with energy. That was the only thing I felt to be real, so I started asking questions and seeking out people that could help me out of the dark tunnel and started focusing on my gifts. I started off with an energy clearing workshop which resonated deeply and changed my reality instantly, but the anxiety and exhaustion was still lingering.

One day, a friend invited me to an Access Consciousness Bars workshop. The energy felt right so I went not knowing anything about what I was going to or what we would be learning. It was from then my life changed dramatically. The space I felt after having my Bars run was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I wasn’t even sure what it was, the mind chatter had gone, when I slept I actually slept! I felt a tiny bit of hope. Within 3 days I had opened my new business Halo Healing and I openly told people what I facilitated and for the first time in quite a while the judgments of others weren’t as such a scary point for me. I sometimes doubted that what I had learnt and that the running of the bars could truly help me as I had tried so much before that, but I kept going and every single day with using the simple tools and having my bars run every couple of weeks I was noticing more and more change. Even my husband could see, and everyone was asking what I was doing because I was becoming passionate again and even starting to look better.

Using the tools of Access Consciousness helped to change the patterns that were going on in my mind and now I can turn anything around into a positive. I am much more grounded and have more of an understanding of the energies around me, the question ‘Who does this belong to?’ actually changed my life immensely. Very quickly I was sharing what I had learnt with my clients, family and
friends and it wasn’t long before I was a facilitator taking classes of my own. I am now far less judgmental of myself and others. I believe myself now when it comes to my own knowing and finally I feel like that 10 year old girl who had a magical life ahead of her full of love, contribution and lots of fun!

My latest project I have created is an interview series summit called ‘Moms time to shine’ focused on helping Moms that may be needing some direction and choosing more for themselves. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually this summit covers it all.