raising conscious kids

Raising Conscious Kids

I’m working on raising conscious children because I feel it’s important that they are their own beings. They may be my children, and I’m doing my best to ensure they have great morals and values, but they have their own individual souls. They may look like me, enjoy some of the things I do, but in the end, they are an individual and will need to find out and create who they really are.

A conscious child is someone who understands not only themselves, but the world around them too. They need to look beyond the surface and dive into discovering deeper meanings. Let me explain what your job as a parent is.

How to Raise Conscious Children

As a conscious person myself (or one in training), I have found that I have the best success with developing consciousness within my children when I:

  • give them choices – rather than telling them I want to do, I encourage my kids to make their own positive choices.
  • being the right energy and space – if I am not present or too busy to listen to my kids, I’m not helping them in anyway. This requires me to consciously be there to help them in the way which best suits them.
  • helping them fit into their environment and not the other way around!
  • showing respect – they may be little, but our kids still deserve our complete respect
  • encourage and welcome questions – let your kids ask the tough questions and then ask them what the answers could be.
  • meditation – guide them on simple guided meditations
  • model mindfulness and being in the present moment
  • listen to what they say – really and truly listen!
  • encourage the sharing of feelings – there’s no right or wrong feelings.
  • practice gratitude – either verbally around the dinner table, in a journal or using drawings, share what you are all grateful for.
  • share intentions – model what your intentions are and encourage your children to share their own intentions too.

Please take a read of my article What is Conscious Parenting to learn more about how you too can raise conscious kids.