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Going through life, you’ll have picked up expectations of who you “should” be from society, your up bringing and outside influences. In your life some of these can form blocks, resistance to you achieving the life you desire.


Have you ever known exactly what you plan to accomplish and know precisely how to go about it but you feel held back or that it’s out of your reach? That could be a block. Your father’s mantra of “life’s a bitch and then you die” can be making your subconscious believe life is a struggle. They can present as physical, lack of drive, bouts of emotions

The Three Pillars


  • Inner Child Work; Feeling and Healing. Getting in touch with the essence of you.
  • Emotional Mastery; understanding where your at and where you require to be.
  • Energy Releasing; physically releasing and how that works for you. Energy work.
  • Grounding, Mediation, Breathing Methods.
  • Question; how to ask a question/law of attraction.


  • What does good sex really mean? Why giving and taking is key to life’s success.
  • Balancing of the Chakras; physically balancing the bodies energy systems.
  • Conscious Speaking; putting law of attraction into practice with your speech.
  • Dropping Barriers; receiving everything that you require and heightening your awareness.
  • Mirror Work; seeing your life as the observer with out the judgement.


  • Claire’s Senses; how do you perceive? What are you strengths? 
  • Energy Flows; pulling, pushing, flowing, expanding. 
  • Signs and Synchronicities ; how to see them and connect the dots.
  • Visualising; how to bring your visualising into actuality. 

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