Self Care: 12 Simple Ways to Look After Yourself


Self care isn’t something you should ignore. It’s not something that you can put aside till you’re not busy, the family are older or you’ll do during the holidays. Self care is looking after yourself. If you don’t care for yourself, you will be unable to care for others. It’s as simple as that.

Self care is about caring for your mind, body and soul. It is a task we need to remind ourselves to do every day, not just when we get sick. Prevention is far better than cure, after all. It can be easy to do, and once a part of your daily routine, effortless. It’s about choosing the right foods, getting enough sleep and saying no (yes, it’s okay to say no). Many feel guilty when they choose to put themselves first, but I’m telling you that you must!

12 Ways to Practice Self Care

Looking after yourself isn’t an option. Here are 12 things you can do to practice self care each day:

  1. Get enough sleep – sleep deprivation is hideous. It prevents us from functioning at optimal levels, affects the choices we make, the foods we eat and the way we feel.
  2. Make good food choices – it may be easier to choose takeaways over cooking at home, but what is it doing to your body if you choose it often?
  3. Exercise – keeping active helps not only your body to function well, but also your mind.
  4. Check in with your emotions – sit quietly for a moment and without judgement, name what you are feeling.
  5. Ask for help – no one is an island to themselves. If you need help, ask!
  6. Laugh – find something funny to laugh at every day.
  7. Be still – stop and be quiet for ten minutes. It will help ground you.
  8. Say no – if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. You don’t need to be everything to everybody. Put yourself first without any guilt.
  9. Keep a journal – be honest with how you are feeling.
  10. Be grateful – each day, name five things you are grateful for.
  11. Get organised – find one area in your life which needs more organisation; your purse, your diary or your cupboards, and sort them out!
  12. Use aromatherapy – having a diffuser with your choice of essential oils can really lift your mood and help you feel great!

A guided healing session can also be a wonderful way of giving back to yourself. Book your two hour session today and make today the day you put yourself first.