Access Bars One to One Sessions

Having your Bars done can bring a wealth of positivity to your life. By touching 32 points on your head, I work to help you release energy within your mind and body that no longer serves you. Some people see images, colours and shapes. Others feel tingling and other bodily sensations. Most people end the session feeling deeply relaxed and peaceful. For more information on Access Bars, check out my Access Bars blog!

An Access Bars session will at worst leave you feeling like you’ve had a full body massage. At best, it will change your life.

$100 for one session for an adult.

       – Children and Bars

Access Bars for children is a wonderful thing to consider if you feel your child is struggling socially or mentally to any degree. From mild to severe cases, Access Bars can change a child’s quality of life as it does an adult.

If you are interested, here are some blogs that you may like to read to help get more information about Access Bars on children.

Bars Sessions can facilitate the following and more for babies, children and their parents –

  • Birth trauma
  • Behavioural Issues
  • Phobias
  • Sleep
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Accidents and injury
  • Childhood illness and diseases
  • Study/learning
  • Much, much more!

Kids (up to 13 years of age) sessions are 20min and cost $30. You can purchase a concession card with 5 sessions for $120.

Access Bars Workshops

Become an Access Bars Practitioner by attending a group workshop with me. Learn how to do Bars on your friends and family, bringing them the benefits of receiving this treatment on a daily basis. You could even set up your own business performing Access Bars on clients for a fee. Upcoming workshops will be announced on my Facebook page.

$390 for your first time or $195 for a repeat


Reiki is a Japanese method of reducing stress, increasing feelings of relaxation and promoting healing. As a Reiki provider, I lay my hands on different parts of your body, helping your life force energy travel throughout your body.

A session of Reiki helps to create feelings of peace and wellbeing, enhance your levels of relaxation and may help improve your physical and mental health.

$60 per hour

Chakra Balancing

Our bodies have seven energy centres, also known as chakras. Each chakra matches with specific body and mind ailments, so if one or more chakras are out of alignment, you may not achieve your peak physical and mental performance.

During a chakra balancing session with me, I will check your chakras and realign them. I’m more than happy to talk with you about what I am doing and explain what each chakra represents.

$60 per hour

Energy Clearing

Do you ever feel like your not yourself? Have headaches or can’t sleep?

Maybe you are more psychic than you ever gave yourself credit for and have picked up energies or entities that don’t belong to you.

This happens more than you know and as energetic beings, we can pick up on all sorts that are not of us! When we have these awareness’s (which are a gift) that is all fine and dandy until the energy or entity doesn’t leave!.

We can feel drained, not sleep or really sick or our house can start to feel heavy.

The best thing to do is to receive an entity clearing.

This can be done by distance and we will share with you the tools to raise the frequency of your home and body.

Clear your home, workplace or other areas from negative energy with an energy clearing session. I will come to the place you would like improved and help dispel any negative energy which has amounted there.

Please inquire for pricing

*Gift vouchers are available for all services