• Absolutely amazing! Highly recommend seeing Victoria for a bars session! Left me feeling so relaxed had the best sleep, and for weeks after I was very energetic and even cleared my head leaving lots of time for new creative ideas instead of a racing over loaded mind set!
    Amazing Vic your a natural healer with such a wonderful energy xx
  • Thanks for running my Bars today! I feel amazing and like always it was great to see you, your smiley face and positive vibe.
  • Hi have had the absolute privilege to be taught by Victoria in Access Consciousness Bars and she is not only an amazing tutor but so easy to relate to and be taught by.
    I have also had an amazing opportunity to have my Bars run by Victoria and OMGOSH what an amazing experience – thank you Victoria for all that you have taught me over the last few months who I not only have the honour in calling you my teacher but also a friend x
  • In the past two years for quite understandable reasons if you know me, there has been a lot of activity in my house of the spiritual type. Some nice, like super light and clear and then some…not so nice. For a period of time nearly two years ago my daughter was terrified of a part of the hallway in our house; always said she could see shadows there and if I hadn’t of had the unpleasant experience of feeling like a shadow was following me or pushing fear at me in the same spot in not sure I would of believed her. During a convo with Victoria I mentioned that we were having some sleep trouble at home. She asked me if I would like her to clear my family and our home to which I replied very swiftly with a yes. She had at this time, never been in our home.
    A few days after this Victoria messaged me to tell me she had not only cleared my daughters energy and my own but she had cleared our entire house. I asked her “how did you clear the house you’ve never been here?” To which she astonished me but not only telling me she had Essentially dreamt herself here telling some had energy to leave but furthermore she described to me the exact part of the hallway we were feeling it…how could I be sure she knew which part of the hallway it was? Because our hallway has an arch in it. A rounded doorway that you certainly don’t see in many houses these days and she described it to me perfectly among other details of my home.
    In the coming days and weeks there was a genuinely lighter feel around the house and my gratitude was immense.
    There has been various other times since that occasion that I’ve called on Victoria to clear different members of my family and at least four times just to clear my home itself. Every time with a result I would consider loving, calm and light. – Lara Batten.
  • I had the pleasure of having a healing with Victoria today. Where she ran my bars and did some beautiful Reiki. Thank you Victoria for this treatment i feel wonderful. You’re amazing XXxX
  • I have had the pleasure of having Victoria Bond as my Access Bars facilitator for 2 classes in Australia this year, one of which I hosted for her. Victoria is  a dynamic, lively, funny and an amazing teacher. She is present in her being at all times in class and has good control handling large classes. She teaches the material with humor and conviction and uses real life examples throughout. She is true to the tools of Access Consciousness and is always herself and provides an enriching and joyful experience for everyone. Victoria also  goes above and beyond  to provide encouragement, support and training on social media beyond the classroom. She helps me with any questions I have about clients. She also encourages her Bars Practitioners to become facilitators themselves so they can further teach and spread The Bars throughout the world and change more lives. She has encouraged, supported and helped me to do this and I am now creating classes, money and most importantly huge change in the lives of the people I run bars on and teach. Thank you Victoria for all your help and for being you. Your contribution to the world is beyond powerful. – Sarah Rogers