Want to Learn Access Bars for Free?

Hello lovely,

I have a special offer for you!

We are offering you to change your entire life and to choose even greater for FREE.

This is no joke…

My entire life I knew I had a purpose. The feeling seemed to be getting stronger. 2 years ago when I was unable to ignore that feeling, I needed more. I needed to BE more. At a time in my life where I have a wonderfully supportive husband 2 beautiful children, a beautiful family, a beautiful family home along with amazing friends I felt a deep emptiness and loneliness. I wasn’t sure how I would help people, but the urge was stronger than ever before.

Discovering Access Consciousness was enlighting and I would love to offer you the chance to follow me, in becoming an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner – for FREE!

But before I explain more about that, I’d like to show you how I started on this path.

I Started Asking Questions – Lots of Them!

” Is this all there is”? and “What is my purpose?”

Have you ever felt like something was missing?

Well for me it has always been that way. I knew my purpose was heartfelt and full of passion but WHAT THE HELL WAS IT?!

I feel like I have finally found the tools and process which gives me the joy and fun to create a life beyond my wildest dreams, where I can choose over and over again without judgement of myself and others?


You heard that right

I choose over and over again creating a life of JOY and FUN with ease with simple tools and processes!!!!!!

Learn how; I have helped hundreds before you choose happiness, change careers, enhance relationships and take that massive leap off faith to follow their dreams and I am offering this to you for FREE.

I am living proof that one can change and that happiness is real.

A mum with a “perfect life” but lonely depressed and STUCK with so much more to give. I cried way too much and the anxiety was always there.

Then I choose differently. The tools I learnt are a way of staying in the creative chaos of life and being able to function from awareness of yourself all the time. (Yes yourself not others perspectives) and the process helps you to release what no longer serves you and you choose what to release. We are all growing and learning so why hold onto the past?

So I have to ask you

Are you wanting to create more for your life?

Are you ready to choose more to enhance your life and help others to enhance theirs?

Do you feel like you have more to offer and have a purpose but not quite sure how to go about it, who to ask or what modality to choose?

By constantly choosing in creating with EASE and going with the flow I have created a FREE interview series this year Called ‘Moms time to shine’

You can access the interview series here CLICK HERE if you missed out ( I interviewed 23 experts worldwide on conscious parenting, Access Bars, mindfulness, intuition ) I also have created well over 50 workshops this year.

Introducing the Access Consciousness Bars Workshop

The workshop is called Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner workshop and it is out of this world fun, life-changing and easy. If you use the tools your life WILL CHANGE. You will become more aware and more conscious! How does it get any better than that?

Bars are 32 points on the head that quiets the mind, it effortlessly and easily releases anything that doesn’t allow you to receive.

It is like the delete button on a computer, all the thoughts feelings and emotions that keep you stuck, that keeps you repeating the same patterns in your life over and over again.

If this sounds like something you would also like to learn and receive for FREE, let’s have a chat about what is required and how you can receive your Practitioners certificate FREE and even get Paid!

How does it get any better than that?

Is it time to stop limiting your potential and step into your potency?

Please reply to this email and I can send you more info on what the Bars are and how it can change your life and those around you. You might be looking for a new career or add to what you are already doing.

We can help you achieve this FREE of charge (so let’s Chat on what is required)

There is no pressure in access, just choice and we can help you with that.

I hope to hear from you 🙂

Kindness and Gratitude

Victoria Bond xox