What Are Access Bars?

If you’ve never heard of access bars, here’s a great place to find out what they are. I’ll discuss what access bars are and what having your bars run involves.

What Are Access Bars?

Access bars are 32 points on your head. As each point is touched, stored old energies are released, which helps you to make changes in your life. Your bars are active all the time, moving energy throughout your head and contain all the thoughts, ideas, belief and decisions you have ever had.

Your bars build a wall of energy within your head, helping to create your points of views on everything in life. You know the phrase, it’s like talking to a brick wall? Well, the bars build walls in people’s heads, making it difficult for you to think about or achieve other things.

When your bars are run, these walls are broken down, this old wall blocking energy is released. It’s like your head is a computer filled with files and these files are deleted to make room for new ones!

What Happens When My Bars Are Run?

When your bars are run, you lie down fully clothed, with a soft blanket over you. The room is set up to be quiet and peaceful and the lights are dimmed. I sit on a chair behind your head and gently place my hands on each of the 32 access bar points. This works to release the energy trapped by those walls, bringing you a sense of peace, space and leaving you open to any possibility you can imagine!

Some people feel a tingling as their energy is released. Others feel incredibly peaceful and relaxed. At worst, you’ll leave your session feeling like you’ve just had an amazing massage! At best, you’re ready to transform your life!

The next three to four weeks are when you can expect the running of your bars to have the greatest impact upon you. When booking your session, expect it to last between 60-90 minutes.

Contact me today to arrange your bars running. You’ll absolutely love it!