What Else is Possible With You and Your Beautiful Body?

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

We are so lucky to have a body to be able to play, feel and experience so much joy in this world.

Our senses of taste, feel, hearing and vision are often taken for granted and how many times have our bodies been telling us stuff and we have no clue of what is going on. I too had not been listening to my very own body.

Three years ago, my body wouldn’t move for up to 3 hours most afternoons. I feed it energy in the form of coffee, sugar and alcohol to get through the day and it never seemed to sleep!

Takeaways VERY often because I was too exhausted to cook and most days playing with my kids was way too hard!

These things became a habit.

I started listening to my body more and started adding nutrients, vitamins, minerals and exercise into my life and things got much better. I thought I was doing amazing until recently when I was teaching a workshop called “Inner self confidence” (all about the body, mind and soul)  I had a huge awareness. I was teaching a class about listening and talking to our bodies and loving it but I actually had been ignoring mine! My thoughts feelings and judgements on what it was to be a working mum of two in my mid 30’s were fixed points of view, I thought I was doing great and I felt love for what my body had gone through and celebrating with my gorgeous body with a wine and yummy cheeses was fabulous BUT was that what my body was requiring or my emotions and conditioning of celebrating with alcohol and fatty foods? Is this what my body really wanted? Light bulb moment…

So I starting asking my body and BOOM the shift that occurred was huge! I had become an observer of what I had been doing unconsciously.

As soon as I asked my body what it truly desired, I started to crave fresh healthy food and wanted to exercise to strengthen, I wanted to feel more that ok and happy I wanted to feel amazing, dynamic just like I did in the inside!

Here are 3 key points to having more ease with your body

Awareness– What are you aware of that your body requires? How are you treating your vessel? Is it getting what it truly needs?

  • Awareness is the key to tapping into your knowing of what food, exercise and what amount of sleep required. How do we create more awareness? We ask our body what it requires! Our body is our vessel and what we put in it is our fuel just like a car or a computer which needs petrol or batteries.

The four basic food groups are water, sugar, salt and energy. So you can simply ask ‘Body what do you require?’

Every time a question is asked it creates more awareness there fore you quite possibly start choosing differently for your body.

An awareness could be suddenly having the urge to go to a naturopath or getting a massage or the craving for a green smoothie or some vegetables. So be open to which and however you may be told.


  • Your body gets up every morning, it moves , blinks, loves, grows hair and nails and constantly replenishes the skin! It doesn’t matter what shape, size, colour you are your body is AMAZING. Although this body does all of these things for us we still can be mean and critical and hate on this body for gaining a wrinkle or not being what in our conditioned perspective is the perfect size. Really?

Respecting your vessel is feeding it what it requires and yup that includes treats, it is getting the body moving and listening to those aches and pains because they may just be trying to tell you something. You can talk to your body as well as asking questions.

Say sorry for being so mean to it or abusing it if that is something that you have done, forgive yourself for not listening and acknowledge the amazing abilities your body has because one day you won’t have one so enjoy the one your have right at this moment.


  • As our frequency/vibration changes and as we evolve which we constantly are sometimes our being isn’t matching the frequency of our body, it is as if the body need to catch up! If we have an ‘awakening’ or an energic shift our body is still in the image of the past.

Is your body reflecting on on how you feel inside? If not maybe its time to ask some questions and see what awareness’s come back!

I find meditation a great source of tapping into my knowing and tend to have many answers come to me shortly after. Also activating the thymus gland has many benefits for enhancing energy and equaling your body and being frequency.

Changes to our body do not have to be massive and overwhelming sometimes a small tweak and just going with your knowing is all that it takes.

Always tap in to your body to see what it may be asking for.

Here is somethings that my body has been loving recently, this may not be the same for you but here is some ideas and if any of them resonate with you try them out! ?

– Exercise; out in nature, lifting weights and running

– Drinking water and adding sliced fresh ginger to my water

– Cutting down on alcohol

– Going to bed earlier by 30mins

– Cutting gluten/wheat and getting more whole foods

Victoria xx