What is Conscious Parenting?

Conscious parenting is about giving our children the space to grow, learn and tap into the beauty of life. As we become more conscious in our parenting decisions, we can help our children grow their awareness, develop a clear understanding of their own unique abilities and help them to make great decisions.

So many of us have been told we have to have authority over our kids, having the kids be fearful will keep them in line is what many of us have been told but what if that was just repressing our young ones?
Being a conscious parent is definitely not the easiest way to parent, but we can guarantee letting our precious children BE who they really are and helping to guide them with their own choices will make very capable parents for our future leaders.

Teaching our children to ask questions is an amazing way for them to be in touch with their ‘gut feelings’. Our job as parents is to guide, not control the pathway they choose to walk. Questions are the way we can connect to what is right for us as individuals and our future leaders will be making completely different choices to us and have completely different perspective so in teaching our young now how to trust their own decisions and choices we are building more conscious confident kids that will rule the world with a heart-felt knowing not from wanting power and feeding the Ego and trying to prove there worth from conditioning.

We seemed to stop asking our body centuries ago to help us with answers. Our gut feeling is our first and foremost most accurate answer and children are so fantastic at understanding what is a heavy gut feeling VS a light gut feeling. Heavy is generally a ‘no’ and light is generally a ‘yes’. Heavy is generally a contracted, constricted low in the gut feeling and Light is an expansive, elevated higher in the gut feeling. Everyone is different. Teaching children there heavy and light will be the basis on how they know there answer when asking a question.

As Human beings we can not help but be conditioned, as soon as we are born we start mimicking those around us, it is crucial for our survival, we are now as a global consciousness waking up to the idea of thinking for ourselves and letting our own children think for themselves also. Making their own decisions and choices whether we believe what is right or wrong is simply our point of view. Of course we will keep our children safe but there is no harm in starting with the basics like asking a child what type of food their body requires or if they would like a nap or to read a book. Giving our young options from a very early age is a great way to get the mind into thinking for its self. With kids learning about their own unique type of creativity our future leaders will not only clean up the mess the other generations seem to have created, they will also lead from a more conscious prospective. Looking through the eyes of a child looking at the world in front of us and what us humans have created is beyond mind-blowing.

What would it take to run the world from a more heart driven place ? the children are our answer, not by telling them how to run the world in the future but by simply letting them rule the world in a way that may never be considered in this reality before will be the way forward for our future generations world-wide. So lets give our kids more choice. See that we all learn completely differently and the children we call ‘different’ will in deed be the ones that rule our world with success.

Victoria Bond