What is Guided Healing?

guided healing

Guided healing. I love it. It’s one of the tools people are slightly unsure of though. Today I’m going to clear up the mystery about what guided healing is, and whom it can benefit.

What is Guided Healing?

Guided healing is completely focused on you. It takes into consideration who you are, where you are and where you are going in this journey we call life. It’s different from spiritual healing, which is focused on energy from a greater power. Instead it uses a combination of meditation, card readings and guidance, life coaching and healing thoughts.

It’s not something you can cure cancer with. Nor will it help you recover from the flu. Rather, guided healing is about helping you move forwards onto the right path through seeing where you’ve been and identifying where you want to go.

Who Is Guided Healing For?

You. Guided healing is a safe and non invasive holistic practice which everyone can benefit from. From reducing the impact of negative experiences from our past, through to seeking a path forward during life’s challenges, it can help everyone.

Rather than giving a generic ‘guided healing session to my clients, I instead draw upon my varied holistic skills to customise a session which suits your needs perfectly. I understand than many people want to know what’s happening and why, and I am very happy to explain what we are doing as we work through our time together.

I’m also happy to have a chat and explain in detail more about what a guided healing session can involve. Send me a message, and let’s make a time for a chat.

Email me at victoriabondhalohealing@gmail.com to book your appointment