Why I Ran the Moms Time to Shine Interview Series

I am Victoria; I have two adorable little kids who rock my world! I have a supportive husband, and I am the owner of my business Halo Healing where I help people onto there life paths in whichever way they need guidance. I teach many types of workshops and also I co-facilitate many self-empowering workshops.

Many people have asked me why I would create a FREE interview series that would cost me to put together and take three months of my life working endless hours every day if I wasn’t getting paid. My answer to them was simply that I was getting paid but in a completely different way! Yes, I received many strange looks from many people!

My life’s purpose I believe is to help others. I do this by teaching, sharing knowledge and understanding what people are going through, helping them find their ‘blind spot’ so they can move forward and be the best version of themselves. Let’s face it life is too short so why not have FUN!

Here is my story and my WHY of creating Moms Time to Shine….

While I was pregnant with my second baby, I was exhausted. I already had a toddler who didn’t sleep well, and when I was about 33weeks pregnant I had something traumatic happen in my family which stopped me from sleeping at all! This trauma caused massive amounts of anxiety, and by the time my son arrived, I had already started on the slippery slope of depression. Of course, I couldn’t see what was happening because I was in victim mode, I felt very alone and as you can imagine and I was VERY TIRED like any new mum.

What I found was mentally I had tunnel vision literally, emotionally I cried A LOT, physically my body shut down in the afternoons and spirituality I became very aware of peoples emotions and of any energies around me which were quite bizarre, so yes at times I thought I was going crazy. I came to realise I was the only one that could help myself. So I started doing my own research on every aspect of myself and slowly by implicating all of the knowledge, I found myself starting to want to live my life again. I felt a spark again; I wanted to meet new friends and the feeling of being drawn to help others started becoming stronger than ever!

Postnatal depression had been mentioned a few times to me, but I was just exhausted I didn’t have PND! (So I thought). One day after a nice long meditation I had an awareness that I HAD suffered PND after denying it for so long, I found myself crying. Emotions of sadness, happiness, gratitude and relief. I finally could look back and acknowledge what I had been through and how with all the tools and processes I had learnt how I could move forward and help others….but how?

Being a hairdresser, I would find ladies that were going through a traumatic time or just super tired after having children; I would do there hair to cheer them up. I would give them hair products or send them in the direction of the knowledge that I found that had dynamically helped me. However, that wasn’t enough. I wasn’t reaching as many people as I needed, so I prayed, I meditated, and I asked. I trusted the right thing would come to help those that needed help just as I did two years prior. When I first saw the ad to create a summit, I wanted to run and hide because I had never used a computer ( I was scared of them!). I am very intuitive, and my gut was telling me it was right, so against all the odds of succeeding and borrowing the money to invest in the course, I did it! What was my driving force? IT WAS YOU!
If you have struggled a little or a lot I hope you got something from this interview series. I want you to know I understand you and the true reason why I did this, was that I knew you would find this summit. I knew the people who needed it would get a little or a lot from it, and I have grown also meeting best friends for life and now I can use a computer!

I found the most amazing experts, they were my voice, they know their stuff and whether you resonated with 1 of them or the entire 23 of them I want to say to you THANK YOU for watching even if you only got around to watching 1 or 2. Thank you for watching and even if you only shared one thing you learnt and maybe you shared the summit with one friend, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Together with support, understanding and LOVE, we can make the world a happy, beautiful place.

Love Victoria